Hook - Manaia

Triangle - Maunga (Mountain)

Lines from the Maunga - Awa

Our Brand depicts a journey of an individual through Mental Health and Addictions.

It talks of a journey within Mental Health and Addictions in how this impacts on the whole family. (full story can be read in the blog section)

Strong in strength, planted firmly in one place showing stability.

A wise woman builds her house on rocks. A foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.

Te Awa Tupua
Symbolizes cleansing and spirituality.

This is one of my the places where I ground myself.

The name Ruatipua comes from the streams that flow into the Awa.

E rere kau mai te awa nui mai i te kāhui maunga ki Tangaroa

Ko au te awa Ko te awa ko au.

The river flows from the mountains to the sea.

I am the river and the river is me.