Sunset Romance Bath Bomb



We all want to feel LOVE, here is one way that can be achieved.  Either through self love or sharing the love to others, indulge yourself with this blend. Designed to enhance any setting, to create your own romantic interlude.

Place a drop into the bath you will feel the gentle fizz exfoliating gently on your skin. "Say to yourself I deserve this"

Combine with our Sunset Romance Soap, Sunset Romance Candle, Sunset Romance Bubble Bath, Romance Roller Blend or even our Sunset Romance Massage Oil or purchase our Full Sunset Romance Pamper Kit or you can mix and match of your own choice.

Contains A blend of Patchouli, Orange, YlangYlang, Lavender and Mandarin Essential Oils,

Comes wrapped in shrink wrap.

*Colours may vary slightly

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Type: Unknown Type